Friday, October 7, 2016

Hipsterize Your Dog With Deep Learning

I'm getting ready to make the next dlib release, which should be out in a few days, and I thought I would point out a humorous new example program.  The dog hipsterizer!

It uses dlib's new deep learning tools to detect dogs looking at the camera. Then it uses the dlib shape predictor to identify the positions of the eyes, nose, and top of the head. From there it's trivial to make your dog hip with glasses and a mustache :)

This is what you get when you run the dog hipsterizer on this awesome image:
Barkhaus dogs looking fancy


Steven said...

Loving it!

Rob Siegel said...

You broke the mold on this one. You made a million dollar app idea and gave it away for free. Does Baxter love it?

Davis King said...

Ha, making apps is boring. I have better things to do :) Baxter is conflicted as always though.