Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dlib 18.12 released

I just released the next version of dlib.  This time I added tools for computing 2D FFTs, Hough transforms, image skeletonizations, and also a simple and type safe API for calling C++ code from MATLAB.  Readers familiar with writing MATLAB mex functions know how much of a pain it is, but no longer!  Here is an example of a C++ function callable from MATLAB using dlib's new MATLAB binding API.  You can also compile it with CMake so building it is super easy. There is an example CMake file in the dlib/matlab folder showing how to set it up.  I also used this tool to give the MITIE project a simple MATLAB API. So you can see another example of how easy it is to set this up in the MITIE MATLAB example.  

There are also some fun new things in the pipe for the next dlib release (v18.13).  First, Patrick Snape, one of the main developers of the menpo project, is adding a Python interface to dlib's shape prediction tools. You can follow that over on dlib's github repo.  I'm also working on a single object tracker for OpenCV's Vision Challenge which I plan to include in the next version of dlib.